Caravan Quest - CD

Caravan Quest - CD

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Live at Jazzaar Festival 2015

performed by the Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble


1. Kolo 6:44 

2. Home 6:51

3. Under Your Spell 6:28

4. Awaiting 6:56

5. Bujo Blues 4:28

6. Chapite 5:02

7. Balkan Sunset 9:48

8. Never Grow Old 7:34

9. Arise 9:58

10. Tzigania 7:39

11. The Salt Road 8:12

12. Ederlezi* 12:05


The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble directed By A.T.N. Stadwijk (Keys)

Special Guests:

Christiane Karam, vocals

Ismail Lumanovski, clarinet

Rashad McPherson, vocals

Donny McCaslin, saxes

Ned Wilkinson, trumpet/frenchhorn/euphonium

Anders Bostrom, flutes

Jamshied Sharifi, synthesizers

Csaba Toth Bagi, guitar

Rodney Holmes, drums

Kai Eckhardt, bass

The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble:

Lydia Renold v, Katharina Krebitz v,

Gabriela Grossenbacher v,

Thea Simpson v, Rit Xu fl,

Fabian Tschopp fl,

Kevin Sommer cl, bcl,

Marina Iten as,

Sara El Hachimi as,

Mattis Sussmann tp,

Lucien Erdin tp,

Joseba Zbinden acc,

Demian Coca p,

Vito Cadonau b,

Dominik Garbauer dr


Compositions by Fritz K Renold & Helen Savari, Etienne Stadwijk, Jamshied Sharifi, Oli Rockberger & Ada Rovatti

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